Season of Despair or Hope

Advent 1, Luke 21:25-38

Yes, now there’s distress among nations on earth,

and signs in creation that few eyes dare see.

There’s fear and foreboding, and pain before birth,

but hidden growth waits in each season-bared tree.

Apocalypse now or the kingdom come near?

The promise of summer or portent of hell?

Humanity’s poised with the future unclear:

wake up, be alert to the climate change bell!

It may be in crises the Human One comes,

with power to awaken compassion and awe.

Then out of our discord, new harmony hums,

and hope can make music that opens a door.

Come out from possessions; stand up and raise heads!

Redemption comes near out of ruin and tombs!

The roaring of chaos that everyone dreads

precedes new creation undaunted by dooms.

Don’t weigh down your heart with the worries of life!

Don’t turn to addiction to deaden your fear!

In prayer and awareness, see change come from strife,

for seasons in God’s hands reveal a new year.

Barbara Messner 25/11/2021