Elizabeth Greeting Mary

Advent 4; Luke 1:39-45

I call her blessed, and so it seems am I,

with new life growing in a womb long bare,

and though as victims both our sons might die,

their purpose justifies the risks they’ll share.

A fearless prophet waits to leave my thighs,

the one who’ll dare to shout “Prepare the way,”

while from my cousin’s angel blessed surprise

comes one who’ll bear the light of God’s new day.

The Spirit stirs when we two mothers meet:

we sense we bear the gifts that others need.

My baby leaps for joy; my life’s complete,

and in fulfilment, power to bless is freed.

God’s word comes pouring through us as we praise –

two women prophets, eloquent, ablaze.

Barbara Messner 17/12/2021