Safer Ministry Training

SAFER MINISTRY is to ensure the safety of vulnerable people from any kind of harassment.

Everyone in any position of influence in our Parish is required to complete a course of SAFER MINISTRY training.   Such people will fall into one or both the following categories.

Category 1

Clergy, Wardens, Parish Councillors, Office holders, Lay Leaders, people dealing with children, disabled people, those in crisis, or older people, or anyone with access to information about any of the above.
People in Category 1 must undertake BOTH the “Ensuring safer Communities” and the “Child-safe Environments” training.
Category 1 Clearance is required if you are a leader or work with vulnerable people (see Clearances below).

Category 2

Synod representatives, sacristans, communion assistants, vergers, welcomers, anyone running a group either on church property or elsewhere, people working on church property, at the monthly market, or in any other capacity connected with the church.
People in Category 2 must undertake the “Ensuring safer Communities” training.
Category 2 Clearance is required if you are an Officeholder and not otherwise required to have Category  1 Clearance (see Clearances below).

If you’re in one of the above categories you’ll need to register on line at and you’ll also need a police clearance.

Training dates in this Parish

  • Saturday July 14th, 9am to 4pm for “Child-safe Environments” (required for Cat. 1 only), and
  • Saturday July 21st, 9am to 4pm “Ensuring safer Communities” (required for Categories 1 and 2.)

Sessions will also be available at other places at other times.


You will also need to apply for the appropriate clearances, although this can be done at a later date if necessary.
Clearance applications can be found here: 

There is no cost to you for either the training or applying for the appropriate clearances.

For More Information and Questions: