Easter 2010

I want you to imagine yourselves inside an egg, not yet hatched. Tell me about the world you know. What’s the furthest thing from you? What’s hot; what’s cold? Now, start to break your shell open and HATCH. Quickly, tell me—are you in a new world? What do you see? Do you believe your eyes? Are you … Continue Reading ››

Good Friday 2010

Meditation on the Cross / Good Friday Address The Cross, as we picture it, is in its completed form. The upright has the Cross piece fixed to it near the top to make a shape like the lower case letter ‘t’. That’s the Cross we see on the walls of churches, on the tops of … Continue Reading ››

Palm Sunday C 2010 Luke 19.28-40

There aren’t many stories you can read again and still feel the same excitement and suspense you did the first time you read it. Outside the church this morning, we heard the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem—again. We’ve all heard it before; so even as we were listening to it, we knew what … Continue Reading ››

Lent 5 C 2010 John 12.1-8; Philippians 3.3-14

There are confronting things in today’s gospel; paradox and uncertainty. Mary of Bethany bowls us over with her extravagant gift, worth a year’s wages; but then comes the disturbingly understandable portrait of Judas; miserable and bitter. And finally Jesus’ words—so easily misinterpreted— about the poor being always with us; where do we turn?

Adelaide Hills, South Australia