Welcome – Information about Our Churches

Welcome to the Anglican Parish of Stirling

Our Parish is located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills in South Australia, and encompasses Crafers, Stirling, Aldgate and Bridgewater and surrounding areas. The Stirling Parish has three different centres offering varying styles of worship and activities  ALDGATE Church of The Ascension 2 Akaba Rd. Aldgate Aldgate is home to a reflective, spiritual and joyful … Continue Reading ››


May our unity with others draw people to the Source of all unity

Sermon by Andy Wurm, Sunday after Ascension, 2nd June 2019

Sometimes people equate being Christian with being good, even using the terms interchangeably. Someone may have nothing … Continue Reading ››

Trinity Sunday

The nature of the world derives from the nature of God as communion

Sermon by Andy Wurm, Trinity Sunday, 16th June 2019

Christmas Island is home to about 90 million Red Crabs. They are a ‘keystone’ species, in that they eat seeds, seedlings and other things from the floor of the rainforest, keeping it clear, … Continue Reading ››

A Note from Bridgewater.

Friendships made in the Parish endure. The photo of a Bridgewater Cluster Group lunch at Richard and Susanne Sarre’s home a week or so ago is testament to this. News of families is exchanged, updated, and celebrated. Planning for the next gathering is done, with each family hosting in turn. Pictured are former parishioners the Gaetjens, the Kornats … Continue Reading ››

Adelaide Hills, South Australia