I was a Stranger

I was a Stranger


I was a stranger,

and you welcomed me;

sick and in prison,

you were there for me;

hungry and thirsty,

you supplied my needs,

when I was stripped bare,

in your presence I found care.

(Lord, Lord!)

Verse 1

Do we call Australia home,

and exclude these refugees?

Who says, “Welcome! Now you’re safe

from the pirates and the seas.

We have space and food to share

with the ones who’ve lost it all.

Bring the gift of who you are

to add riches to the whole.”

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2

Can we dare to call him Lord

when we turn a child away,

or keep families apart,

waiting years for rights to stay?

Desperate people lose their hope

while we clutch our precious land.

People’s lives are hostage here –

surely shores are only sand?

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

See! The home of God is here

and all people are our kin.

God will wipe away their tears,

not the colour of their skin.

Turn them back!” some people say,

but the Lord would bring them in.

Do not cheat them of their chance –

let their blessing time begin.

Repeat Chorus

Barbara Messner 2013