There will be Easter Sunday Services online from both Crafers and Bridgewater



Led by Andy Wurm from Crafers Church:

Easter Day 11.30am

Streaming on the Parish Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/stirlinganglican


Led by Barbara Messner

Easter Day 9.30am (but connection available from 9.20am)

Interactive via Zoom.

The link is: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8357002111?pwd=UlFpOHZJQzhsT0gxdHllQ3dKTENSQT09

On Easter Day, please bring with you
1. A candle and matches, or a torch, or some other light to make shine (as our candle lighting at the beginning);
2. Bread and wine or some other food and drink, maybe chocolate or some other celebratory morsel (for an ‘agape’ meal in place of the Eucharist); and
3. Something that represents new life for you personally e.g. an object, picture, brief incident or recollection, something you can show or talk about very briefly (about 30 seconds to give space to all) as our shared reflection.
Do what’s comfortable to you – you are of course still welcome without any of the above.