Saying it, sounding it, listening to it, interrupted by distractions, uninterrupted by distractions, without distractions – these are stages that can repeat themselves over and over again, however long one is making the journey. It is not ultimately by any external sign of course that we can measure our progress, because there is no measuring to do. Those are simple signs that we would recognise as signs of the process at work. I think it is the parables of the Kingdom – the treasure buried in the field, the seed planted in the ground that germinates we know not how, the pearl of great price for which we will sell everything – that bring us deep insight into what is happening in us as we persevere on the journey. It is a journey into God, and therefore a journey that becomes less and less measurable. Finding God, St Gregory of Nyssa says, consists in endlessly seeking Him. Our life is an endless following of the Word.”

Laurence Freeman: “The ego on our spiritual journey 2” Meditatio Talks 2008-B