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Lent 2b A & C

Lent 2b A & C 1-3-2015 Mk 8.31-38: 34bIf you want to become my follower, deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me Deny yourself: what might that mean? Maybe it means deny yourself something you can normally have? In the season of Lent, people often deny themselves luxuries—usually food and drinks, like chocolate, meat, … Continue Reading ››

Lent I 22.2.2015

Lent I 22.2.2015 Gen 9.8-17, Mk 1.9-15 Jesus’s ministry begins Two readings to wonder about today. The first reading talks about the time just after the great flood, when Mister and Mrs Noah and their family and all the animals and birds came out of the Ark. They are all given a very special promise by God, … Continue Reading ››

Epiphany + 5b 8-2-15

Epiphany + 5b 8-2-15 1 Cor 9.16-23

Some people are important? Think they’re more important?

We Australians admire great people with the common touch—people who don’t let themselves get stuck up on a pedestal. I admire great musicians and artists who’ll stand around with people and chat about ordinary things. I admire the way Pope Francis refuses … Continue Reading ››

Epiphany + 4 1-2-15

Today’s readings are about the choice we have to go God’s way or the wrong way in life. In Deut 18, we’ll hear the prophet Moses tell the people that God will send them another prophet; …who will lead them in God’s kind way. A few verses earlier, Moses talks about the other peoples who … Continue Reading ››

Epiphany + 2 18-1-2015

Introduction to the readings for Epiphany + 2—18-1-2015 A & C God knows us before we know God 1Sam 3.1-10. The little boy Samuel lived in the temple at Shiloh when Eli was the priest. Samuel’s birth was the answer to his mother Hannah’s fervent prayer, and to thank God, as soon as Samuel was weaned, she … Continue Reading ››