March 2015

The response to “Lord in your mercy” is “Hear our prayer”

Let us pray for the preservation of the earth

Lord, in this moment of time, the care of the abundant earth you have made is in our hands.
We are are here but a fleeting moment.
Help us to understand that we owe a debt of gratitude to all who have cared for this land in the past
and a respronisiblity to all who will care for it in the future.
Grant us the wisdom to live in harmony with the land and with all people, so all may share in its bounty, both today and tomorrow.

“Lord in your mercy”
“Hear our prayer”
Let us pray for our nation

Lord, we give thanks for this wonderful nation of ours.
We give thanks to all those who worked to ensure harmony within the diversity of our people.
Help us to continue their work, striving for justice in our nation and all the world.
Help us to find ways today that enable all peple to share in the resources of the world and live in peace, with mutual respect and understanding.

“Lord in your mercy”
“Hear our prayer”

Let us pray fo the church and its misssion

Lord, we give you thanks for the strong church we enjoy and the people who built it, with faith that we, the people of their future, would continue their work of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to all generations.
In a world that today is increasingly secular and cynical, help us to hold fast to the dreams and ideals of those who built our churches and communities and to see ourselves as a continuation of their blessed work in the world.

“Lord in your mercy”
“Hear our prayer”

Let us pray for ourselves and for our comunity

Lord, we thank you for the communities in which we live and work.
Enable us, by your spirit, to live in love for you and to spread the message of your love wherever we go.

“Lord in your mercy”
“Hear our prayer”

Let us pray for those in need
We pray now for those we know who are in sorrow, need or sickness, and we name them in our hearts
We also pray for all carers who work with love and patience to look after those in need.
Grant peace to all sufferers and strength to all carers.
“Lord in your mercy”
“Hear our prayer”
Let us pray for the faithful departed

Lord, we give thanks to your servants in every age, upon whose foundations of love and faith we gather here today.
Show us how to continue their work in our communities so that we may hand on a loving and healthy church to our children and our grandchildren.

“Lord in your mercy”
“Hear our prayer”

Merciful God, you have promised to hear our prayers
Grant that what we have asked in faith, we may, by your Grace, receive. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.